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A natural source of Omega-3

Recognisable by its bright yellow colour which lights up the fields of our region, rapeseed is also grown for its environmental impact and its health benefits.

The food sector has known about the health benefits of rapeseed for a long time. Rapeseed oil, which is obtained by a cold pressing process, has a high Omega-3 and Vitamin E content, which is good for our health. Omega-3 regulates our metabolism by reducing the risks of heart disease.

The low percentage (3%) of unsaturated fats in rapeseed also lowers the blood cholesterol level, thus reducing any risks to the body.

Rapeseed cultivation is also ideal from an environmental point of view. In addition to its positive CO2 impact, which is quite significant in our region, rapeseed is known in the agricultural sector for the way it protects and improves the soil (nitrate absorption and nitrogen fixation), which stimulates the yield of the next cereal that is planted.